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Rochester Ice Center Hockey Academy

Rochester Ice Center Academy Power Edge Pro Summer Camps

Group 1: July 9-July 13
Birthyears: 2010-2006

Group 2: July 16 to July 20
Birthyears: 2005 and older

Nathan Paetsch School of Defensemen

  • 2.5 hours on ice
  • power skating
  • heads up puck-handling
  • passing drills/instruction
  • shot blocking
  • shooting
  • defensive techniques/strategies
  • body contact instruction
  • partner work
  • offensive skill work
  • communication skills
  • video sessions
  • guest speaker
  • instructional booklet

This camp will feature two groups, 11 and Under, and 12 and Over.  Camp will take place from August 6th to August 10th.  Each day is a full day from 8am-4pm. 

Cost of the entire camp is $350.

Next Level offers off-ice training in conjunction with RIC Academy Break Week Clinics.

To register for any of these clinics, please register online, contact the Front Desk at 223-2160 x21, click the "Available Registrations" tab below, or email 


Rochester Ice Center Hockey Academy offers training year round. 

Spring Academy

Skills development clinics led by Coach Methot and his team of trained instructors. Skating, stick handling, passing, and shooting will be covered.

Spring Academy will run from April 9th - May 31st.  We will run Mites, Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams, and Midgets.

Cost: $25 per session

Spring Academy Squirt/Pee Wee/Bantam/Midget Schedule

Date Squirt(10U)/Pee Wee (12U) Bantam (14U)/Midget (18U)
Monday, April 23 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:50pm
Wednesday, April 25 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:50pm
Monday, April 30 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:50pm
Wednesday, May 2 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:50pm
Monday, May 7 6:15-7:05pm 7:15-8:05pm
Wednesday, May 9 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:50pm
Monday, May 14 6:15-7:05pm 7:15-8:05pm
Wednesday, May 16 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:50pm
Monday, May 21 6:15-7:05pm 7:15-8:05pm
Wednesday, May 23 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:50pm
Monday, May 28 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:50pm
Wednesday, May 30 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:50pm

Mite Schedule (8U)

Date Time
Tuesday, April 24 7:30-8:20p
Thursday, April 26 7:30-8:20p
Tuesday, May 1 7:30-8:20p
Thursday, May 3 7:30-8:20p
Tuesday, May 8 7:30-8:20p
Tuesday, May 15 7:30-8:20p
Tuesday, May 22 7:30-8:20p
Tuesday, May 29 7:30-8:20p
Thursday, May 31 7:30-8:20p

Methot Elite Skating System

This is a combination of Methot Elite Skating techniques and Power Edge Pro techniques.  Based on experience, research, and results, this system covers all aspects of skating—technique, speed, agility, and balance. Skating is the only skill being performed by every player on the ice at any given moment. A huge emphasis should be on skating development. Led by Coach Methot and his team of trained instructors.  These clinics will run on Tuesday and Thursday nights from June 19th through August 2nd.  Methot Elite Skating will take place on Tuesdays and Power Edge Pro will take place on Thursdays.  Cost per session is $30.  Discounts will be offered for multiple sessions. 

6:00p-6:50p - Squirt and Pee Wee
7:00p-7:50p - Bantam and Midget

$30 per session
$175 for 7 sessions
$350 for all 14 sessions

Total Hockey Training Summer Development

We believe that the summer “window” is the perfect time to make gains and push the improvement of each player’s individual skills. This full summer program is designed around the use of the “POWER EDGE PRO” system to attain that goal. Players will also be exposed to the “Methot Elite Skating System” to further their development. By training 2-3 times per week focusing on skating, passing, and shooting, each players skill level will increase. Led by Coach Methot and his team of trained instructors.


Defensemen Clinic

Uniquely designed for defensemen, these clinics will cover all defensemen related skills. Skating agility, passing, stick handling, and shooting situations. Led by Coach Paetsch and his team of trained instructors.

These weekly Clinics will take place on Mondays from 7-8pm starting on June 25th and running until August 6th. 

$30 per session 
$175 for all 7 sessions

Power Edge Pro Camp

When the skater attacks the PEP gear at full speed, how quickly can the player get out of “trouble” AND “counter” with skills/tactics? The PEP gear is the “trouble” (stimulus) and the open lane or stick attachment is the “counter”. Under pressure, the forward must “counter” by quickly maneuvering the puck through the open lane. This is GAME TRANSFER. Led by Coach Methot and his team of trained instructors.

  • Full day Power Edge Pro Reactive Countering Training
  • Daily
  • 2.5-hours on ice
  • 1-hour off ice training
  • 30-minute video
  • 1-hour off ice stick handling

Cost:  $425

Rochester Ice Center Academy Power Edge Pro Summer Camps

Group 1: July 9-July 13
Birthyears: 2010-2006

Group 2: July 16 to July 20
Birthyears: 2005 and older

Level of Play Start Date End Date
Squirt or Pee Wee July 9th July 13th
Bantam or Midget July 16th July 20th
Girls July 23rd July 27th

Girls Hockey Camp

Headed by Coach Ross, this full day camp will engage girls in every aspect of the game. Coach Ross will cover stick handling, skating, shooting, and passing. This camp will also include time off-ice at Next Level and off-ice stick handling. Video sessions will be utilized to teach the game.

  • Daily
  • 2.5-hours on ice
  • 1-hour off-ice Next Level training
  • 30-minute video
  • 1-hour off-ice stick handling

This camp will take place at Rochester Ice Center from July 30th-August 3rd (NEW DATES).

Cost: $375

In-Season Power Edge Pro Clinics

One-hour of Reactive Countering Training using the PEP gear by Coach Methot and his team of trained instructors.

Holiday PEP and Methot Elite Skating 3-day Camps/One Day Clinics

Reactive countering training using the PEP gear complemented with power skating and skills work led by Coach Methot and his team of trained instructors.

Team Camps

August individual or multiple full day, half day and on-ice practice team camps available. Please contact RIC for more information.

80 Lyndon Road
Fairport, NY 14450

(585) 223-2160

Robert Hensel

General Manager

Phone: 585-223-2160 x22